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Hi folks,

I hope your first week was a great one. I’m sure you are just as busy as I am! As you are going through your class intros this week, can you flag the names of students who are CS/CIS majors? I am going to be doing a lot with the majors this semester and would like to identify as many as possible so they can be included if they would like to participate. I already have some from our KRV and Edwards campuses that are interested and I am sure that others will be too when they find out what we are doing.

  • Students Intrigued by Technology (S.I.T.) club – meeting info and activities at http://www.collegeteacher.org/robotics. Of particular interest this semester is a trip at the end of March to the San Diego area to visit university campuses and a robotics competition. We are also looking at a computer hardware project that involves refurbishing old machines and reformatting them with all open source software. One goal we are working toward is a scholarship endowment fund that will award a scholarship to active members each year. There is a google calendar link on the site that can be subscribed to. We will be posting all activities to that. We will be looking for a site rep from each campus to join our board of officers. This club is open to all students interested in technology, not just majors. We have members from several disciplines, including engineering, nursing, and social sciences.
  • RoboLab club site – this is where we push out announcements and other activities. I encourage all majors and interested parties to sign in here to keep up on what we are doing. Club agendas and minutes will be posted there. You guys can get in there also! http://www.collegeteacher.org/classes/course/view.php?id=101
  • Second Life (SL) – We have just been awarded a semester-long land grant from Pathfinder Linden to pilot a collaborative educational space where I can bring together our majors from all campuses as well as online students to work on interesting projects and build a learning community that will support their academic and career endeavors. A colleague of mine from Bakersfield College is interested in helping develop this into a place that might become a cooperative effort between campuses. I have been working with professors at universities in Iowa, Chicago, and Tennessee to share ideas and work on how we can use this space in an educational ways.

About a half-dozen Cerro Coso students, as well as a few of my former students from Porterville College, College of Sequoias, and Pepperdine University have been working to get some stuff set up. We have also had CS student visitors from Pima Community College and as far away as Australia help out. When it is ready, we will be hosting an open house in world. To learn more about how SL might apply to education, go to http://secondlife.com/businesseducation/education.php. I am a member of the SL Educators List (SLED) and have seen some incredible work being done by educators worldwide in this virtual environment. (more…)


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Last night I was wandering around Morocco with an info fez on that told me what I was looking at. One of my Pepperdine students and one of my Cerro Coso students were there with me as I tried my hand (or foot) on a Moroccan soccer field, jumped on a sailboat on the mediterranean, and got to belly dance at a club there. Whoever set it up had info stations all over the place that told about the food, the culture, the native vegetation, etc. Later on, I was in a French-language sim where I could get immersed in the language while walking around different shops and the beach front (many of these are on “islands”… lots of beach in SL). Parlez-vous francais?

Earlier in the day I had been to an island created by an Australian University and was able to talk to the owner, who was cleaning up from a big open house party from the day before. I teleported one of my Pepperdine students over there so we could take a tour pod that flew us over the main areas, describing what we were seeing. I really like how they set up the different learning spaces, both public and private. The owner of the island recommended a nice hair shop in SL so I did a little window shopping before selecting two new styles of flexi-prim hair. I spent some time in the Computer History Museum talking to Ken, a computational linguist who created the museum and will be teaching an AI class in SL for his university in Iowa. He just put in a scale model of the Eniac computer that we could actually walk up to and look at. When I do that chapter in the 101 class, I will definitely be bringing my students there somehow! A newbie popped in as we were talking and it turned out he was from Austria. We were able to give him a tour before I headed over to Ken’s classroom space and saw that he has been doing a lot of work getting it ready for the students that will be coming soon.


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