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Tonight my 8 year old son, looking at this ancient digital camera, said to his 10 year old sister “this camera is ‘floppy disk’ old. that’s old. that’s mom’s age!”

floppy disk old

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I’ve been playing around with a lot of 2.0 toys lately, trying to wrap my brain around new and interesting ways I could use these in my classes to connect students to each other and to a larger network outside of the classroom. Every time something new comes along I try it out because I think the only way to really understand something is to become a user, not just a viewer. I finally decided to make a listing of the sites I’ve been playing on, mostly to put them all in one place so I can start thinking about how I want to use them. Some of the links are to less than active accounts, but at least they are all listed… well, at least I am starting to list them all. There are a few I can’t remember, but I am sure they will come to me eventually. Of course, I had to use one of the new tools to create the list. It’s at http://debbyk.jottit.com

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In case it wasn’t clear… I have an iPhone. The lines are blurring between communication spaces and I envision a time when communication by any medium will be transparent and ubiquitous. How freakin’ cool is that?

So far, I think my favorite feature is the text messaging threaded into conversations. What an awesome way to track messages between different people!

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I am posting this from my new iPhone! There are still a lot of things I need to figure out, like how to type on this better, but the UI is nothing short of amazing! I haven’t been this excited about a new technology like this since I discovered all of the cool ways you can interface with Twitter!

Oh. Wait. That was just the other day.

Did I ever mention how much I love learning about new toys and new tech? This is a cool time to be an ed  tech eductor!

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