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Great question!

I guess a better question than “Why don’t kids use email?” is “How should we be teaching our kids to communicate electronically?” Maybe email really is going to be dead in 5 years. Just because I can’t imagine life without Gmail doesn’t mean my students can’t. If that’s the case though, what skills do we need to give them such that business communications don’t descend into the pits of IM heck, replete with emoticons and cheesy acronyms? IDK. What’s your take on all of this? Talk back below. (Education IT, ZDNet)

I think a much better response to the internet, social networking, instant communication, and all that other newfangled technology is to teach kids how to use it responsibly and safely, not scare them away from using it. When will the adults figure that out?


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How do geeks spend their first weekend of Spring Break? Parting out old Pentium I, II, and III computers, of course. Our club is working with the campus IT department. We provide the manpower to sanitize hard drives, salvage usable components, and sort parts into recycle stacks. In exchange, the club gets to keep the more usable PIIIs and upgrade them with the salvaged parts. The college clears out a huge backlog of old machines and our guys get toys to play with 🙂 It’s a win-win situation!

At dinner time, I made them all go outside and experience something rather foreign to my geek squad… sunlight, blue sky, and fresh air. They resisted at first, but they have learned that with me, resistance is futile. I made them kick around a soccer ball and play frisbee for a while. We ate pizza, played around, and took a breather from the work indoors. They couldn’t wait to get back inside and on to their tasks, however.


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